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請原諒我的英文非常破,所以只好借用 Google 翻譯,讓自己多少能看懂一些。部分懶的調整翻譯了,簡單寫上了一些自己的理解和筆記。(藍色字部分)

翻譯來源:HTML5 game development resources

原作者 James 和 Josh 整理和收集了一些很有幫助的資源列表。並且發布和分享在自己的 Blog 上。

Me and Josh have been working hard on getting our first game Back To Earth out of the door. During this development, we’ve been collecting a pretty nice list of resources that have been very helpful for us. Why not wrap this up into a blog post and share with the world? I will continue to update this post whenever I get more information.

遊戲開發庫 (Game development libraries)

這是一個專業級的 JavaScript 遊戲庫和平台,可以開發出令人驚嘆的桌面和手機的 HTML5 遊戲,有自己的 2D 關卡編輯器 (Weltmeister) 和調適工具。參考資源如下:

  1. HTML5 遊戲開發工具推薦:IMPACT (簡體)
  2. Weltmeister 的介紹 (Vimeo) 
  3. Weltmeister 介紹 & 教學影片 (Youtube) 

This is a fantastic JavaScript game library, which the creator has admitted to it being perfect for arcade/platform games. It’s beautifully put together, comes with a great level editor and just works. There is a license fee, but it’s been worth every penny. 

這是一個輕量、模塊化的 JavaScript 遊戲引擎,內置動畫、事件管理、碰撞檢測等等。這個 JavaScript Engine 頗有趣的,比較注重接口和模塊。

    I’ve always found this framework interesting. You can make games with either canvas or DOM, it has a great entity component system and it keeps it’s base codebase small and promotes the use of plugging in modules to bring new functionality.


      This framework seems to pop up here and there though we’ve not tried it ourselves. Some notable features are it’s tiled map format, tween effects, very strong cross browser support and the multiple audio channel support (something very interesting which we would like to try out).

      在 GitHub 上,這是一個很好的資源,它幾乎列出了每一種 JS 遊戲庫。

        This is a great resource on GitHub, it lists pretty much every JS game library out there. 

        遊戲開發網站 (Game development websites)

        提供最新的遊戲開發各方面的新聞。它有很多高質量的文章和鏈接,用 RSS 訂閱它吧,讓自己隨時都能看到有趣的文章。

        This one to us is the daddy of the blogs. Just subscribe to it, and it will ensure you’re up to date on all sides of game development news. It’s has quality articles, quality links and it’s always very, very interesting. 

        另一個很好的資源,有幾個部分不只是新聞,如教程,演示,工具等,這將是另一個值得放進您的 RSS 閱讀器的好資源。

          Another great resource that has a few more sections than just news, such as tutorials, demos, tools etc. Another great resource which is worth putting in your RSS reader.

          遊戲開發播客 (Game development podcasts)

          I love these guys. Geoff Blair and Matt Hackett have a real chatty style and they have great chemistry, which makes every one of their podcasts fun and interesting. One of their podcasts featured an interview with the creator of Impact JS Dominic Szablewski which was very interesting to us as Impact is our game development framework of choice. Really recommend this podcast, not only is it interesting to hear how they’re building their indie game shop Lost Decade Games but they have lots of great topics to talk about too.

          Though this isn’t targeted totally at HTML5, we’ve still found this an interesting and enjoyable podcast. They’re currently covering the huge topic of game design, which has been very relavant to us so far. Definitely worth a good listen.

          其他 Impact JS 資源 (Other Impact JS resources)

          這是一個很好的資源,致力於影響 JS 的開發。它包含了很多的框架,資源,教程和插件,包括遊戲的亮點。如果也在 Impact JS 上製作一些東西,或是有興趣,這是一個不錯的參考地方。

          This is a great resource dedicated to Impact JS developers. It includes lots of highlights including games made with the framework, resources, tutorials and even plugins that were made. If you do stuff in Impact JS too, or you’re interesting in it, this is a great place to visit.



            This is a very neat and tidy little book on getting up and running with Impact JS very quickly. Jesse Freeman did a great job on making this very easy to read and learn. In a good weekend you can get up and running with Impact and have a fully functional game. We hope to do a full review soon.

            其他 JavaScript  資源 (Other JavaScript resources)

            姑且稱之為討論區吧,這裡的討論涵蓋了許多有趣的 JavaScript 主題。

            This is a great podcast that I’ve been listening to recently. Though it has nothing to do with game development as such, it’s a great podcast that covers many topics to do with JavaScript in general. Saying that, there was a recent podcast where they talk to a professional Flash game developer. They discussed if HTML5 could (or could not) replace Flash fully on the web. Worth a listen. 

            用一個好的、現代的方式來學習 JavaScript。有助於了解一些陌生的概念的語言。

              A great, modern way to learn JavaScript. It definitely helped to understand some of the strange concepts of the language. 

              這不適合初學者,但是可以了解到很多相當優秀的 JavaScript Parts。

                This book has nothing to do with game development as such, but seeing that HTML5 game development is mostly about JavaScript, this is still a great resource. It’s written by Douglas Crockford and it’s a pretty definitive resource on JavaScript. It’s certainly not for beginners, but it’s definitely helped me step up to being a better programmer.

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